Planet of the Apes РWar something 

Overall score 71%

Guys, I don’t really feel like doing a best/worst things tid bit. Let’s just say Caesar sure came along way in his speech development! I think the development of the entire saga has been really good but this one wasn’t super exciting. The dues ex machine at the end just seemed a little cheesy for my taste. I’m all for sudden resolutions but this one was a bit much. There was a great “good and evil,” theme that wasn’t too cliche, and the movie was well made, it just didn’t have a ton of energy!

Parental Advisory: There is a lot of violence and strong subject matter!

Daisy’s review: I LOVED IT! Actually, I just liked it. (Daisy is my 6 year old daughter that I force to see movies with me)


Game of Thrones-Dragonstone

Overall score: 45%

Worst parts: Aaaahhhhhh so anti climatic. I waited longer than a YEAR for this! Also, what the hell was Ed Shereen doing in there?! So weird. And he was singing, jut weird X2. I just didn’t get what I needed. Daenerys went home. Who cares. Sam finally became not the most useless person in the world. Who cares. Cersi still sucks. Who cares. John Snow is still the raspy voiced sensible guy. Who cares. Gimme more!!!!!!!

Best parts: **SPOILER**

Arya killing every single Frey there ever was. Heeeeellll yes.

Parental advisory: not for kids under 21

Spider Man РHomecoming 

Overall score: 76%

Best things: It was pretty dang funny. I think it was really cool how Peter Parker didn’t all the sudden become the perfect crime fighting superhero just cause a spider bite gave him abilities. It was a much more realistic depiction of the high school student who becomes Spider Man.

Worst things: It felt a little long. It was super exciting but it was a fun movie.

Parental advisory: It mentioned the word porn, so if you don’t want your kids to hear that word, then ya. All bad words were strategically cut. There was one part where a guy was completely disintegrated and it was a little shocking. I say take your 13+ year olds.

6 year old review: “I kind of liked it. I hated it.”

Who is Rey?

Many have asked for my speculation on who Rey is and theories on her family lineage. I spent a whole 10 minutes contemplating the possibility that she is Luke’s illegitimate child, Ben’s, somehow, grandchild(parents unknown) or a natural phenomenon in the force recreating balance.

Here is my actual theory.

Guys, I just don’t care who she is or where she came from right now. I’m just excited for the dramatic reveal in the movie. One day, all you nerds will get the truth and then you can finally sleep at night. So everyone stop asking me who she is, cause I don’t care and neither should you.

Wonder Woman

I’m baaaaaaaack! Gosh I’ve been a super loser about writing reviews. I forgot my wordpress password and I just got super lazy about resetting it! Anyway, review time.

Overall score: 100%

Best things: ok freaking Wonder Woman is my new movie crush. (Sorry Jake Gyllenhal) Her fights scenes were the best I’ve ever seen in my entire life. There was a certain scene, set in a war setting, won’t give away too much, but I might have shed a tear I was so inspired.

Worst things: Well guys, sorry to burst your bubble but Chris Pine is not Captian America and nor will he ever become Captain America. Soo, don’t wait the entire movie for him to turn into Captain America.

There are no parental advisorys on this movie. I took my 6 year old and she now wants to be a crime fighting super hero, so yea. Take your kids.

The Jungle Book


Overall Score: 100%

Good things: Holy crap. This is by far the best live action adaptation I have ever seen in my entire 28 years of living. I cannot recall one moment where I was not in awe. The animals were incredibly realistic, the whole movie was appropriately simple and dark, and I will see this again.
Not so good things: My one and only criticism is they called fire, the “red flower.” Now if anyone of you watch Game of Thrones, you know that’s what they call a girl getting her period. The entire animal kingdom was afraid of the red flower…well me too my furry friends, me too…

BATMAN v SUPERMAN:Dawn of Justice



Overall Score: 91 %

Best part of the movie: 1. Great acting 2. Engaging plot 3. Very believably creepy villain 4. Very effective tie ins from other Batman and Superman stories. (These were a bit low key at times, but if you could pick them out, they were extremely nostalgic and funny)

Worst part of the movie: During the developing relationship of Batman, Superman and Luther, I got bit bored. I think I zoned out a few times and I was really nervous other people could hear me chewing my popcorn. Usually, if I do this during a movie, that part lacked “move magic.”

Okay, this movie was COOL. It really captured a humanistic approach to super heros that I’ve never seen before. I have never felt like a movie focused on the vulnerabilities of Batman or Superman; touched on them, yes. However, in this case, they seemed real. I felt a real connection to something that was merely a comic that was meant to entertain. See this!

Parental guide: I would say if your child likes action, see it. There is a bathtub scene where Lewis is naaaaakkkeeeed; although it doesn’t show anything, boobies are heavily implied. I would take my 13 year old to see it. Anything younger might be iffy.